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Our Projects



Outreach in remote areas

Our focus is the 20+ unreached people groups in Tanzania. More partners will allow us to take more trips, mobilize more Tanzanians, expand our ministry equipment, increase our compassionate care, and multiply our team so we can reach our goal of evangelizing every unreached tribe and equipping Tanzanian teams to continue the work.



Tanzania Education Advocates

The student leaders we support will soon steward God’s destiny for Tanzania as they take their places of influences in public health, energy, natural resource management, business, law, and more. More support will allow us to grow our circle of like-minded, righteous, intelligent young professionals who will serve Tanzania with distinction. 

Safe Water Purifiers

We have installed 9 water purifiers at 9 schools in the Sonjo region. We are continuing to implement the safe water purifiers in the remaining 19 Sonjo schools. More partners will allow us to meet our current goal, grow our leadership team to sustain the expanding vision, and provide more sophisticated engineering solutions where needed.

Public Health Projects

Community Health Worker (CHW) Program

Community Health Workers (CHW) are trusted, knowledgeable frontline health personnel who typically come from the communities they serve. CHWs expand access to coverage and care, and improve health outcomes. The program equips village CHWs with required skills and education they need to perform their daily activities in serving the community.

Water Projects

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