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Evangelism, Safe Water,

Public Health, and Education 

Tanzania, Africa

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Prism is a ministry organization under the direction of Gina Helms who has been working in Tanzania since 2007 doing ministry and community development. Her team includes 13 Tanzanian employees. Together they work with emerging leaders and many volunteers and teams from Tanzania and USA.


Gina was sent out as a missionary in 2006 by New Life Church, Virginia Beach, where she had been attending since 1996. New Life Church is still her primary sending church. She also remains connected to her home church, the Fort Mill Church of God, where she was raised. 

In Tanzania, Prism projects operate under a religious society established in Tanzania called Brownsville International.

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Connecting the community to the cause

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Evangelism, Discipleship, Training, Compassionate Care

We are committed to Mark 16 which tell us to share the news of Jesus with the whole world. There are people still waiting to hear. Our mission is to see that all people groups in Tanzania hear the gospel in a way they can understand, with a chance to discuss and receive revelation on what it means for them to believe in Jesus and live a Christian life.

There are 20+ unreached tribes in Tanzania. They need a powerful and personal declaration and proclamation of the gospel.  Jesus calls us to share His good news not force it on people. We are committed to helping Jesus get what He wants.  


One day in our lifetime we want to see no more unreached people groups in Tanzania. It is possible. It just takes resolve, a team, a plan, and perseverance.



Safe Water Purifier Installations

We are installing safe water purifiers at all schools in the Sonjo region of northern Tanzania. There are 19 schools. The purifier uses electrolysis. It is a safe, affordable, and appropriate solution for the environment.

We were selected to showcase our project in November 2019 at “Making Global Goals Local Business - East Africa” conference organized by the United Nations Development Program, Global Compact Network. We were honored to join a larger conversation and community intersecting with academia, entrepreneurs, and the private sector with the shared goal of providing water solutions for all of Tanzania.

Our purifier project cost is around $7,000. This covers all the equipment, materials, transportation, construction, training, and project management.  We have installed the purifier at 9 schools. There are 10 remaining schools to reach our goal for the Sonjo region. In addition, we are growing our capacity to provide more advanced engineering solutions as well as various technologies in the Sonjo region and beyond.

Want to help us? It is a wonderful project for a group sponsorship! Help us spread the word. We would like to partner with any group - a church, school, small group, company, family, university, organization, friend group, or any group to sponsor a school. So far our sponsors include Oral Roberts University (ORU), Mt. Paran Church, and 5 private donors.



University Sponsorships

We are committed to Matthew 28 which says to "disciple the nation." One way we do that is by investing in education and mentorship for emerging Christian leaders. The goal of the Tanzania Education Advocates (TEA) Project is to invest in future leaders though university sponsorships. Qualifying students have a dream for Tanzania, have academic success, have proven faithful in the field, have a legitimate need, and plan to work in Tanzania.

Two students have graduated from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in mechanical engineering and biomedical chemistry. Two others have graduated from university in China, studying biotechnology and aeronautical engineering. We are ready to help more young leaders pursue their dreams through education.

Want to help us? We are interested in sponsoring students to study in Tanzania or other countries which have a more economical option, in comparison to the USA.  The option to study abroad is for students whose desired field is not available for study at Tanzanian universities and/or who are academically qualified but do not manage to get the limited slots available and/or loans to make it possible. Given these parameters, we are believing to sponsor at least 10 more students in the next few years. 



Strengthening individuals, communities, and the nation

We see our work as a learning lab for life, leadership, team dynamics, community relations, and nation building. So our work is not just about the work, but it is about building people and an authentic community on the journey. Without our Prism team and community, and without this shared vision, we cannot reach our goal. But together we are building a movement to reflect God's heart, to bring real change, and to sustain our efforts. 

Our Tanzanian staff includes an Executive Assistant, Ministry leader, Accountant, Project Manager, Administrative Manager, Field Officer, Communications Assistant, driver, property workers, and USA bookkeeper. 

We also have a broad Prism community of young leaders, churches, colleagues, and friends who help make all we do possible. On the journey, our community and the good will we are building is just as valuable to us as our work.

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